Equinoctial Equation.

As the first day of Autumn, I always use this gag in my lessons: First I ask for another word for Fall and then I hum the following theme song.

Works every time.

Another sign that summer has left us is the sudden drop in temperature. Before the typhoon, low 30s, now it's the low 20s and the inevitable headcold that comes with it has arrived.

Regardless, I persevered through my sniffles and biked over to the Kokusai Center (International Centre) for Sendai's annual World Festa. I first started playing Bridge thanks to this event but unfortunately they didn't have a booth this year. So I wandered up to the 3rd floor for some light entertainment.

First up was Tohoku International School's Disney medley. I saw these kids last year do "Alice in Wonderland " and their principal sometimes plays hockey for the Snots. They're pretty good for a bunch of warbling children but I could have done without "It's a Small World" twice.

Next up was the main reason that I went there, "Drum Cafe"! There were only three of them but they were different members from those that I'd met previously. Much to my surprise though, I did meet the lead singer at the Jazz Fest a while back. I snapped a few fuzzy pics (I gotta figure out the mode for capturing movement) and then everyone joined in for a tune called "Waving the Flag".

Much to my surprise, I bumped into an old friend and decided to stick around while she and her students entertained with Koto & Shamisen (Japanese Harp & Sitar). I'd never seen her play and she has a loverly voice. I was hoping for "Smoke on the Water" but no such luck.

After that, I biked home and then went to my local BookOff. 2 weeks ago (when I had no money), I saw a boxed set of Universal Monsters and it was very reasonably priced. Of course, "ya snooze...ya lose" and it was snapped up. At least I saw a rainbow!!


Deb said...

Happy Fall, Mike!

Michael Jones said...

Thanks Deb, I miss our biannual gettogethers. By chance I watched "The Fall" last night. If you haven't seen it, track it down. Slow but captivating. I never say this, but the kid was the best part of the movie.


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