Displayed Out.

I need to discuss the Halloween displays before they disappear on September 25th and the Christmas displays are showcased. It's not quite that bad but effective October 1st it's tough to find Halloween goods in many places. Here is some of the stuff in a Hallowed vein that's out there.

In a bakery:

These aren't specifically marketed for Halloween unless Jason is one of the neighbourhood kids. It just strikes me as odd that Disney would sell knives and cutting boards for kids. They are tiny knives so maybe they aren't functional but at 15 bucks a pop, they'd better be more than decorative.

The same place that sells the cutting boards has a substantial Halloween display as well, so I am still confused by the presence of them.

These aren't Halloween oriented either but I thought they were kind of cool. They're animals that you put in your freezer that then chastise you if you leave the freezer door open for more than a few seconds.

This shop didn't have anything particularly Halloweenish to offer, but these dolls are mega-creepy!

Here are some rather overpriced treats for sale in a confectionary shop. They look great but are costly.

More goodies to come as I come across them and then of course starting on October 1st is the 2011 Countdown to Halloween. Myself and hundreds of others will be posting Halloween items all month!

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