You Can Be A Hero!

Usually Pepsi has the good giveaways, but this time CocaCola has beat them to the punch! I'm not entirely certain how to do so, but it looks like you can win one of 16 DC t-shirts. I'll have to get a co-worker to assist me tomorrow to enter for one, but in the meantime you can see a commercial for it here. Except for Wonder Woman, the adults aren't portrayed in the most complimentary light, but the kids sure are cute!

Scroll down and check out some of the other ads and if you scroll down far enough, you can see MTYW's Monkey Majik pals shilling for Coke.

If your link to the above doesn't work, check this out. If you look carefully, you can briefly find my fave, Aquakid at the 20 second mark.

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