Not Disappointed With My Disappointment.

After another day in the salt mines on Sunday, I was able to head over to the main stage to catch the final finale. I trekked over there with one of my students and met several people along the way. As is always the case with Kotodai Koen, people are always in the wrong park when you're trying to co-ordinate a rendezvous but by the time the tunes were playing, we all eventually met up.

I was disappointed because I didn't get to the finale on Saturday for I always like to attend the big bash because it always disappoints. I was not disappointed in being disappointed and once again the axiom of the Jazzless Jazz Fest rang true. Apart from a bit of swing, some blonde crooner and a bit of big band, there was little to call Jazzy, and for the first time on the Headliners' stage, there was even some Heavy Metal (badly done, I might add.) In honour of the 6-month anniversary of the March 11th earthquake, they performed a couple of traditional Japanese ballads which were very well done and a suitable way to end the evening.

I don't go to the finale for the music, rather so I can mingle with pals, bump into acquaintances and comment on what a big farce it is. I love it!
(Notice the spiffy earrings on Yvonne...a birthday present from Canada.)

Cheers to the tall young Russian kid, Danger Daniil, who befriended Helen and snapped most of the aerial photography. Also to Helen, Mike, Yvonne & Gavin for tolerating my bitching!

Same time next year!!

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