Princess Gloria of Oz.

Looking for some Halloweenish material at BookOff, I found a novelization of an Oz book I'd never heard of, オズの魔法使いとグロリア姫 or The Wizard of Oz and Princess Gloria. I had to do some Wiki digging and discovered that since it starts off with Trot & Cap'n Bill and mentions an オーク (Ork), it must be The Scarecrow of Oz.

There is way too much Japanese kanji for me to read this story but it has a dozen cute illustrations which I've snapped for your enjoyment. I particularly like the Orks which resemble flying Dodos with propellors for tails and the Witch, Blinkie, is pretty creepy.

Prior to this I'd only obtained the first novel, but there are at least 5 others listed in this series and since Scarecrow was novel #9, there may be a few more out there...

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Anonymous said...

No there are only 5 (Wizard, Land Ozma, Emerald City, Scarecrow) for this series with a 6th (Lost Princess) for the re-issue (same text, different pictures)


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