Last Target.

I just got back from watching ラスト・ターゲット (Rasuto Taagetto) after work at one of the Indie theatres in town. I walked into to it knowing absolutely nothing about it except that it starred Rosemary Clooney's nephew, George. You may know it by its American title, The American. It was okay, very little action, a modicum of violence and lots of boobies. Interestingly enough, it was rated R in the US and is considered a PG-12 over here. Can I recommend it? Sure, but wait for video.

Another movie about which I know nothing that is coming soon is called スーパー! (Suupaa! Curiously this one is rated R-15. It must have more violence and less nudity for it to get the more restricted access. It mentions JUNO in the credits, and has Ellen Page, so it might be worth checking out.

Unfortunately, I can only find a YouTube of the above SuperSentai, not of SUPER! So check the SUPER!-link instead.

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