Debs & Errol.

In Japanese that would be デブズとエロル, and they are a duet that I saw last April at the Simian Showcase. One of the segments was directed by my bestest (dead) friend's niece, Janina Kowalski, and if I wrote about this before, I couldn't find it. So instead of regaling you with my drunken escapade this evening, I'll fill you in now. Her sketch was quite awesome as were a few others, but the highlight of the evening for me was a duet who were either making their debut or it was an early appearance.

So without further ado, let me present Errol & Debs! Since I saw them, I've followed them on their Facebook page and kept apprised of their goings-on via their webpage.

One of their tunes that I could really appreciate was At-Ats in the Snow. It was cute and witty with a catchy tune and really takes the piss out of one of the main Star Wars battle sequences. Check it out for yourself. (I may actually have been there that evening, but I think I went on a Saturday. If I were there, I'm certain you'd have heard me giggling on the video.)

They had a few other tunes that night that much to my surprise, I understood most of the references, even the geeky new ones! I'm not sure if I heard it that night of not, but a very charming tune is one I'm unable to find, "I wish Totoro were my neighbour."

One other cool tune I can access is called "Jetpack".

Yet another cool tune is called "Aluminum Parachute".

Since I first met them, they've also created their own comic entitled appropriately enough, "Debs & Errol" which follows their hijinks of the last several months.

Debs asked me a while back to help her out with some Japanese dialogue...I gotta get on that soon!

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Errol said...

Oooh! Huzzah! How exciting! I just saw this now! Thanks for the blog post! :D

We now have our names in Japanese! That makes me all sorts of happy! :D


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