Feeling Gloomy.

Speed up, ya move too slow!
Ya gotta make the morning show, just.
Kicking the cobbler in the stones,
Lookin' so glum and feeling gloomy!

I'm feeling anything but gloomy ever since I UFO-caught my Gloomy bearpad and paw, er, mousepad and mouse. I love how the grizzly is smashing the little boys head on the ground and the claws are covered in blood. So sweet.

Alas, the mouse/paw is about half the size of my regular nezumi and it plugs into my USB rather than the back of my console so it makes it a tad inconvenient. I fear I'll retire the blood-soaked paw to back-up mode and switch back. BUT, the pad is definitely replacing my old "Sleepy Hollow" one.

Here are a few of the other pad/paws, I'm rather content with the one I got (for about 6 bucks, I might add, after 6 tries at the old Claw machine.)

These are some other Gloomy images in the UFO Catch salons now.

More Halloweeny UFO goodies to come...

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