If a Nightingale.

Atomu has met several famous people throughout history, for example there's 向井千秋 (Mukai Chiaki) who was the first Japanese woman in space.

What with all this talk about faster than light neutrinos giving Einstein's theories a run for their money, Atomu was the first to utilize them and chatted with ol' Albert at one point. He'd appreciate the following:
(The bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve faster than light neutrinos here."
A faster than light neutrino walks into a bar.)

He also met Jeanne D'arc at one point.

I never really knew much about the first real nurse, Florence Henderson Nightingale before, but now thanks to Atomu, I have a better understanding of her. My old alumnus, The University of Guelph has begun a project collecting her works but I bet they don't have this book...

Watch this to figure out today's title.

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