Remember that classic tune by Lou Diamond Phillips covering Ritchie Valens' La Bamba?

Now substitute the above title instead. That should get you in the mood for Yamamba (or Yama-Uba.)

Here's a story about that very mountain hag called Yamanba. (Not too spooky for the weak-hearted.)

I've spoken of the Yamamba before but that was mainly about the freaky Tokyo chicks who dress up as hags yet believe they are beautiful. Decide for yourself when you check out these Yamamba Gals.

In the above link, I provided another Yamamba tale and here it is again for those of you too lazy to click it. It's a little spookier than the above tale.

Parts 1 & 2 of 山姥!

I'll try and post a freaky Japanese folk tale or horror yarn daily over the next month on the Countdown to Halloween. Just click that link or the freaky picture of the Cryptkeeper, Dr. Phibes at the top of this blog. In addition, you'll get Spectres & Spooks on Saturdays, Skeletons & Skulls on Sundays, Monsters & Maniacs on Mondays, Terrifying Transylvanian Tales on Tuesdays, Witches & Werewolves on Wednesdays, Thrilling Themes on Thursdays and Frankensteinian Freaks on Fridays!*

*Warning: Mytwoyenworth may not actually follow the above schedule.

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