The Countdown to the Countdown Begins.

It's September 1st and that means that we're only a month away from the official "Countdown to Halloween 2011" which appropriately enough refers to the month of October as we countdown to Halloween. For the last two years, I've participated with almost daily posts during the tenth month and this year I hope to do the same. I haven't yet decided what my theme will be (last year, I had a Yokai of the day, the year before was just random stuff that popped into my head), but I assure you it'll be Cheezy, Japaneezy, Sleezy & Halloweezy.

Once October rolls around, click on the funky badge featuring ヴィンセント・プライス (Vincent Price) in his Dr. Phibes role and surf to other Blogs of interest. I'll try and highlight some of the more intriguing ones (ie. see my list of followers) for you to peruse.

Speaking of Vincent Price, how many of the following movies do you recognize?

Those are cool movies, but here is my all-time favourite Vincent Price appearance:

ps. I had a whole bunch of other VP stuff here but when I went to publish it, I lost it all and it's too late to start from scratch. So ciao for now...

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