Not So Missing Link.

A movie I have surprisingly never seen stars Elizabeth Shue and Terence Stamp, two of my favourite actors.
Click this Link for a Link to Link.

The official trailer:

Starring an orangutan dyed to resemble a chimpanzee (possibly to hide the fact that it's related to Donald Trump), this hyper-intelligent ape wreaks havoc on Shue and Stamp.

The adorable Elizabeth Shue (who is just killing it on CSI), monkeys around on the set of Link and was nominated for a Saturn Award for her efforts.

Warning: slightly naughty clip with a voyeuristic chimpangutan.

Terence Stamp plays a British guy (not a stretch) who's an anthropology lecturer.

Directed by William Franklin, with a score by Jerry Goldsmith.

Let's listen to some of Jerry's score, why don't we?

Unfortunately, I can only find Links to clips from the movie and not the entire thing. So let's go check out Elizabeth Shue's debut instead.

Today's selfie is me back when I had an ape's head transplanted beside mine own.

 Which one do you think looks more like me?

My Ghostbusters tribute has nothing to do with the Ghostbusters but everything to do with The Ghost Busters.

I never saw the above show, it probably conflicted with other cartoons I was watching at the time. Based on the cast, I probably would have enjoyed it.

On second thought, maybe I wouldn't.

Nor did I ever see Ghostbusters based on the above series (and truth to tell, I rarely watched The Real Ghostbusters either.).

I don't think I missed much.

I have no banana treats today, so let's just try a 7-11 doughnut instead!

 What are your favourite ape horror movies?

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