Though not as eerie as the original, Cat People, is a sexy romp if you like incest, bondage and bestiality.


Everyone else had a thing for Nastassia; my crush is on Annette!

Best part of the whole movie has to be the Bowie soundtrack. Glorious!

Here's a Cat-Person as drawn by one of my students.

The Ghostbusters goodie is a couple of desk-top Gatcha-characters.

 Casper's nemesis.

The Stay-Puft man is poised for sitting. He seats comfortably on my space key.

 The snack of the day is some Mickey wieners. Surely, you didn't buy them merely because they put a jack-o' lantern on the package, did you Michael?

I'm off to a Halloween party now. Hopefully I'll take a ton of pics for one's viewing pleasure...

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