Today just happened to be a 6 hour marathon of Season 6 of The Walking Dead so I thought I'd use that as my movie of the day. Here are a couple of promos with Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln for Fox Japan from a few years ago.

An awesome pranker pranks the fans in Tokyo.

Here's a long interview with Rick and Darryl.

A while back, I landed a few Walking Dead figures at half price. Here is one of Michonne's companions. (I wish I had a matching set.)

I got doubles of some burn victims. They do have a nice set of teeth, I must say.


Everyone's favourite villain, The Governor.

No pamphlet today because tomorrows will be doubly long. So I'll jump straight to today's snack. It's appropriate for a zombiesque theme, a marshmallow brain. Alas, I never taste-tested it but it's just a big marshmallow brain, what else would it taste like?

Today's Ghostbuster bit of paraphernalia is a pair of freshly laundered boxers. (They need to be laundered after watching Walking Dead!)

The fellow blogger to whom I going to link is a long-time creepy collaborator named Erick who runs the Wonderfulwonderblog. We've corresponded often and exchanged gifts from time to time. I'm not sure what hijinx he'll get up to this year, but I'm sure it'll be fun.

Finally, my selfless selfie is not zombie related, rather a pair of foam glasses I bought at the 100 Yen Shop the other day.

More Countdown tomorrow...

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