Don't Go Changeling, Just to Please Me.

I love you just the way you are.

If you haven't figured out today's movie pamphlet from the title of the post, try this picture. (Mainly because it's a really creepy image for the thumbnail on Facebook.)

If you're still having a problem, here's the cover. I love the font they use for the katakana translation of Changeling, チェンギリング.

Watch a bit of the trailer and tell me if it doesn't send a tingle up your spine.

Revisiting the pamphlet brings back some creepy memories, in particular this:

(Full disclosure. I scammed that from the internet.) Here is a picture of the ball from the pamphlet.

What follows are a whole bunch more stills from the movie, the Black and White ones are even creepier than the colour ones.

The primary cast of George C. Scott, Trish Van Devere and Melvyn Douglas. Missing is Toronto's own, John Colicos, who I know best as the Klingon, Kor, from Star Trek TOS and DS9 and everyone else will remember him from Battlestar Galactica. We Canucks were overjoyed to learn that this was a Canadian production with a few scenes filmed around Toronto. This was back before Hollywood adopted Canada as a tax write-0ff.

And the director, Peter Medak.

I have a personal George C. Scott connection. One of his final roles was in 1999 as Pierino Marchegiano, the father of Rocky portrayed by John Favreau in the eponymous Rocky Marciano. I had the aspiring role of "dude in the background watching boxing". I quickly scanned through the following movie hoping to see myself, to no avail. Perhaps you'll have better luck.

All of the scenes I was in were filmed somewhere on the UofT campus and one day we were given a treat for Mr. George C. Scott himself came to the arena and bade us all hello. He didn't act in any scene with us but his very presence and deep powerful voice was inspiring. That is my only memory of the filming, perhaps I met John Favreau or Judd Hirsch, I just don't remember doing so. (I had other things on my mind, I was moving to Japan in just a few short weeks after filming.)

Today, I was downtown at Jupiter and came across today's snack and Ghostbusters content. A pack of marshmallows shaped like the ghosties. Looked good but for almost 5 bucks, it wasn't worth it.

I was planning on posting the above pamphlet later this month but one of the founding members of the Countdown watched this last night (check out John Rozum's Grim Gallery here) so I bumped Changeling up to today. I don't have an appropriate selfie that goes along with a Changeling theme, so how about me as a Tengu? John likes those.

More mischief tomorrow, including an extra entry for Friday of which I was too busy to prepare.

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