I'm in Tears!

Today's movie was Cutie Honey Tears. It was a huge disappointment (especially in comparison with the 2004 version with Eriko Sato) and I suspect that the box office will reflect that. It's only showing in one cinema in my vicinity and I was the only one in the theatre. Alas, just as I was ready to start making noise and use my phone and kick the seats, another dude came in. The lead actress is some dramatic lead named Mariya Nishiuchi and to describe her as dull is an insult to boring people. Her costume looked like a Toys R Us knock off and the worst affront of all is she was a brunette! Come on, everyone knows Cutie Honey should be a redhead or a pinkhead! The only saving grace was the head villainess, she was gorgeous and snickered malevolently.

Here is a flyer that was given out to promote the movie.

Hey in this flyer and the photo below shown at the theatre portrays her with Reddish hair. What gives?

Here is the Tearful trailer:

To add to my woes, the awesome theme song was nowhere to be found except as a short redub in a disco scene. Listen to this and you'll see why I was annoyed.

Oh well. I guess I'll have to find a copy of the original and view it again. You can watch an English dub of it if you're so inclined.

Today's Ghostbuster goodie is a flyer that came out when it was released.

I like the two-page spread that it folds out into.

The snack of the day is not even Halloween oriented. I don't recommend it as a gift for Trick or Treaters, this KitKat contains some Sake!

For those who have been disemvoweled, here is a fellow blogger by the name of AEIOU and Sometimes Why. Check out what they have going on.

Just so you don't think today was a complete letdown for me, I popped into a Family Mart to grab a quick dinner and there is a Halloween-kuji!

I only bought one entry and, Woohoo, I won the top prize, a vampiric Chip!

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