Trick or Treating at Jabba's.

Apart from kids dressing up as various Star Wars characters, there aren't that many Halloween connections to Luke, Leia, Han and the gang.  Fortunately 7-11 and Jeffrey Brown have a way to remedy that.

This image is from my calendar (and also from "Vader's Little Princess").

Since my copies are only in Japanese, I'm not sure what they say. Can anyone help me out?

I did scam another Halloweenish page from the net, so this one is in English.

I love Brown's work, how about you?

7-11 has a new Ichiban Kuji lucky draw. Once again it is Star Wars but this time it has a slight Halloween tinge to it. The first item I won is a Darth Towel. Cool, but not very Halloweeny and I have enough towels to last me until the Vogons come and eliminate Earth.

The next item I got was a rather cute little Darth head rubber strap.

Then I managed to land another Darth strap. This one is pretty damn awesome.

The other three of these straps are pretty nice but not worth full price. I may try and find them on the second-hand market.

I am less impressed with this glass and tumbler. Just because BB-8 is orange, it does not automatically make him a Halloween character.

A friend of mine won the A prize, a BB-8 Candy Dish. Now that's more like it!

Here's the entire display in all its glory. (Or click the link above to go to the website.)

The Halloween Parade in Kawasaki is always magnificent. Someday, I need to attend, I have a friend who lives nearby and goes often.

Have you heard that there is a new Star Wars movie coming out? Rouge One. (No wait, that's a brand of makeup.) Rogue One. ローグ・ワン/スター・ウォーズ・ストーリー or Rogue One, a Star Wars Story. We have to wait for several weeks yet, some material for the movie has already crept into stores. I picked up a couple of Clear Files just to be sure that Disney doesn't go bankrupt.

To wrap up today's (actually last Friday's) post, here is Han Solo and I doing our ventriloquist act. 

This figure is so tall that if I were to go as Chewbacca, the proportions would be about right.

Today's Ghostbusters and snack is from a entry I wrote last July. Those crab puff things look like they could be from Star Wars.

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