A few years back, I saw a movie called 妖怪人間ベム Yōkai Ningen Bemu translated as Humanoid Monster Bem, a live version of the popular anime from 1968-9. I've never seen the original anime nor its 2006 remake.

When you get to the 1:15 minute mark below, listen to the theme song and sing along.

Here's a full episode for your viewing pleasure.

And another.

Search around when that episode ends and you can find a few more episodes.

Now on to the live version, that I did see. Here is a promo for it.

And here's the pamphlet.

The characters:

Behind the scenes:

Do you think I would make a good Youkai?

This installment of Ghostbusters actually doesn't have much to do with Ghosts, rather with Youkai. The Busters part was appropriated for the popular Youkai Watch Busters games, card game, anime, movies and more. These are a couple of cards that come with a cookie.

The third installment of the movie series has the Youkai Watch gang transported to our dimension! Looks intriguing...

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