--help me. please help me.

Normally with today's choice of pamphlet, I'd go with its awesome catchphrase, "Be afraid, be very afraid". But this little fly-guy is interspersed throughout, so I'm going to go with him.

Welcome to The Fly!



The cast:

Sexy Jeff and sexier Geena.

Sure he's a dink throughout this movie, but it is truly gruesome when he Getz his arm dissolved.

The Director:

Who else new that Mel Brooks was involved in this?

The chemistry between Davis and Goldblum is wonderful, one of the better horror/love stories ever.

In case you didn't know, David Cronenberg also plays the gynecologist in the movie.

This is an extremely cute cartoon I scammed from this page.

With this kit from IKEA, you can make your own Brundlefly.

Today's Ghostbusters item is a rerun from an older post featuring this penlight that I received as a premium when I bought an advanced ticket to the new movie.

Today's snack and selfie is so meta. Mike holding Mike popcorn! It is "pumpkin potash" flavoured and is surprisingly good.

I've been neglectful of links to fellow Countdown bloggers, so let's give a holler out to Halloween Holler. Remember, you can check out other Halloween blogs by clicking the "Countdown to Halloween" skull.

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