Mothra's Roar!

Due to an odd stroke of luck today, The Countdown to Halloween has been sidetracked by a giant Moth. (Moths can be scary, can't they?) To avoid some traffic, I took an alternate route home and drove by a local store called "The Toy Hunter". This guy is ALWAYS closed whenever I go by so on this occasion, his door was wide open. I looked around and the guy does have a ton of cool stuff but ALL of it is incredibly overpriced. Other than eBay, I have no idea whether he ever makes a sale. eg., an American Comic Book from twenty years ago was being sold for 60$, you can easily find the same book in a Dollar bin overseas. Movie pamphlets were ten times as expensive as elsewhere and the figures were crazily overpriced. Yet I chatted with the old guy, he's been in the biz for 24 years so he must make a living somehow.

I espied a clear file hanging from the ceiling from Rebirth of Mothra III and it was only 500 yen so I asked the guy to bring it down. After several minutes of stumbling with a step ladder to get it, he gave it to me  after I paid and then went into the back and came out after a few minutes.

He came out with this rather dilapidated stuffed Mothra and asked me to squeeze it. It roared! He said that he believes it to be about 50 years old (it isn't, it IS 20 years old from the movie Mothra Rebirth from 1996.) He then handed it to me and told me to keep it.

Sure, it may be dirty and dingy but one just does not look a gift kaiju in the mouth. Besides, it roars!

Since my pamphlet for Rebirth of Mothra III isn't handy, I broke out my mini-encyclopedia and leafed through it instead. I saw this movie a few weeks ago and was surprised by King Ghiddorah who helped kidnap all of Earth's children. Pretty heavy stuff for a kaiju flick.

Some artwork:

Here are all the songs from Mothra 3

Today's snack is a mini cup of Godzilla Ramen. I haven't tried it yet, I'll let you know what it's like anon.

My selfie today (I actually intended on running this yesterday but forgot) is of me and a Shin Godzilla hand fan.

Since this post started with a Clear File, I'll add one from the latest Ghostbusters. The grey tone on the ladies really makes this stand out.

For today's link to another blogger, I chose one with a kaiju flare. Try out MonsterJones and click around. You're sure to find something you'll like. 

If you don't find this post to be very Halloween oriented, check out a previous post where I went trick or treating as Gamera!  

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