Spirit of the Dead Guts.

The Evil Dead II, Dead by Dawn is given the Japanese title of 死霊のはらわた II, which translates roughly as "Spirit of the Dead Guts". I am sure I have seen it sometime in the past but none of these pictures look familiar. I must give it another view. I know I have seen "Spirit of the Dead Guts I" and "Army of Darkness", which is given the great Japanese title of キャプテン・スーパーマーケット (Captain Supermarket)! I really need to track down these pamphlets.

Directed by the great Sam Raimi.

And starring the amazing Bruce Campbell.

This cute little pic was scammed from the internet but I forgot to copy the original link.

This selfie is from a few years back when I attended Evil Dead, The Musical. As you can see, I was in the Splatter-Zone!

This picture of Ash was purchased from Arthur Suydam a few years back when he was at a Toronto Comic Convention. I love it!

Today's Ghostbusters items are kuji prizes. I bought three upon release of the movie and won the #1 Prize of a StayPuft Man which I have shown previously. A couple of lower ranking items are these mini-cushions.

I picked up this because it was on sale. Not bad, crunchy and cheesy.

Finally, a couple more student drawings.

I think this last one of the Jack 'o Lantern using a chainsaw on a ghost is worthy of the Evil Dead!

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