Time for a Hobbling.

Life caught up with me over the last few days so it put my Halloween pamphleting on hold. (Also my darned computer is acting up, making nigh impossible to crop and/or post pics!) This isn't really a Halloween movie per se yet I find it to be one of the better suspense thrillers with one or two harrowing scenes.


Today's selfie is courtesy of one of my schools. There was a concert with each of the grades putting on a different tune, accompanied by recorders, accordions and other percussion instruments. The grade 1 classes did some song about animals and each of the verses was sung by a different creature. I just happened to scam a photo wearing their headgear.

The ant is my favourite.

The third grade did a tune called Kyouryu no Cha-cha-cha or the Dinosaur Polka. (Click that link for an unembeddable version of the tune. The kids' version was far superior.)  Above the kids' heads were these two Dinos on sticks dancing for the crowd.

Here's a close-up.

The snack of the day is some Gummy Ghosts that were too expensive to buy though a surreptitious picture is always welcome.

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