Dracula Goes to Town!

I simply adore that drawing that is on the first page of the pamphlet for Love at First Bite, or as it's known in Japan, ドラキュラ都へ行く ("Dracula goes to the Metropolis" or something like that. I prefer "Dracula Goes to Town!"). This an alternate poster for the movie scanned from the interwebs, as you can see, it's a colour version of the frontispiece.

 The cover of the pamphlet,

and a few stills.

Here's the trailer*:

The Director and Cast:

A ton of  monochromatic stills from the movie:

And some colour ones.

"I love the Night Life" (Alicia Bridges) is what I remember best about this movie.

I'd like to try and track down this cover version of it.

I don't actually remember "Fly by Night".

*I'm sure you can find a DVD or BluRay of it, for those of you too cheap to get one, here's the whole thing.

I think I'll watch it now (during commercials of another Walking Dead marathon).

Today's selfie is another mask with fangs. I shall reiterate that these just don't work with the beard.

My Ghostbusters tidbit is pack of trading cards.

It is incredibly expensive to buy these over here and there is only one store that sells cards, so imagine my disappointment when I discovered that this pack did not contain images from the new movie and rather from the original one. Doh"

I usually avoid Lottaria burgers (click that link for details on the menu) but I needed a blast of grease before a night of drinking. Besides, how could I ignore this sign?

I had a Bacon cheeseburger combo that came in its own little coffin. The gooey tongue on the burger is a cheese sauce laced with eggplant to give it its purplish hue. Very messy yet tasty. The fries were not plentiful but much yummier than McDonalds.

Unfortunately everyone was too busy to take my picture with this.

I'd heard that there was an Evengelion/Shin-Godzilla connection with Lotteria but didn't bother going inside to check. Had I done so, I would have found this offer staring at me. (Why not put this poster outside?)

A little steep at 3000¥but that would make a dandy little lunch box.

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