There and back again...

I've returned from my trip to Toronto and boyoboy did I pack a lot into one week of vacation (10 days minus travel time, jet lag, etc. equalled about 7 full days.) I had fun and over the next few posts, I'll share some photos, some observations and other stuff too.

While en route from Japan to Toronto, I scripted this little blurb into my cell phone (it's an easy method of taking a memo, but it takes forever to type it out on one's little phone keyboard. Then again, it is less intrusive than talking into a tape recorder and one does have plenty of time to kill on a 13-hour flight.)

"Boarded without incident.
Surrounded by entire Peruvian boys' baseball team. I hope Japan kicked their annoying asses. Little bastards!
Nice sunset 2 hours into flight.
Movie Firewall but it was on a mini screen 8 rows away and a little Lima head often popped up in the way. And the channels randomly changed for no reason. Adequate movie.
good Chicken for dinner though.
Landed in To with NO problems!"

These are some photos I took out the window with my handy-dandy keitei ケイテイ phone:

The first two are sunrises, the next two are sunsets and the last one is arrival time at Toronto.

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