2 Live Crew.

Welcome to all those surfers out there looking for info on the rap group, but this post is about エル・クルー or L-Crew, a duet consisting of a vocalist and a guitarist. My pal, Akemi the nail artist, had them perform at her gallery, Dolphin.
(ネイル&ティーサロン Dolphin ドルフィン 多賀城市中央3-10-5 oggeビル 1F 10:00~20:00
TEL 022-395-4788※完全予約制) If you want to get nailed, head on over to Dolphin.

As for L-Crew, the singer was very talented, singing some jazz standards (Single Note Samba, On Green Dolphin Street & Feeling Good) as well as some folksy Japanese tunes. All-in-all, she's a great singer (could use a bit of an English lesson though...the word is CITY not SHITTY), and he's a great guitarist, but overall it was a little dull (granted I was a tad sleepy.)

A mellow beginning to my 2-week vacation. I wonder what's in store for me tomorrow!

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