Went downtown last Tuesday to check out the fireworks as part of the Tanabata celebrations. As you can see, I wasn't alone. Hordes of gawkers milled about waiting for the go-ahead from the cops to lay claim to their little square of pavement.

In an amusing moment straight out of a Marx brothers' movie, at 6:35 (10 minutes prior to the designated time) one person leapt onto the street and a swarm of lemmings followed. The police then blew their whistles and menacingly waved their light sabres dissuading people from sitting. Everyone went back to the gates and again awaited the official kick off. The Boys in Blue blew and the race began anew.

Of course, Dave's wife Miwa elbowed her way in and snagged the prime real estate for our party of 4 1/2 (the 1/2 being Dom's kid.)

Michiko graciously accepted an invite to join us
and spent the duration of the evening entertaining the aforementioned kid. After the initial flurry of ooohs & aaaaws of fire flowers (花火 or hana-bi = literally means flowers of fire), he was bored to tears and spent the rest of the next 2 hours playing with a balloon and standing in front of me. Nice kid, but he has the attention span of a 4-year old (being aged 4 is no excuse!)

After Dom retrieved his son, we went to a Dance club called Yankee Court, a relatively new facility that the younguns have laid claim to. I was immediately bored and so I took it upon myself to ignore my friends and made straight for the only single woman in the place. Much to my surprise, we spent the next 3 hours dancing together and even more to my surprise, she assented to giving me her phone #/mail address. And utmost to my surprise, she actually responded to my email the next day. I haven't heard from her since I responded to her response, but who knows what may occur next!

My camera was acting up as usual, so I got relatively few pictures of the gunpowdered gallery but here are a few for you. Plus a crappy cell-phoned-15-sec-YouTube or three for you.

I can't wait for another date with Yuuka to see if there are any more fireworks!

UPDATE: Okay, I'm confused! Why did YouTube delete my videos. This will take some investigation. Grrrr! (Try clicking it anyway, you can hear it though you can't see it!)

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