I Love Candies!

A while ago, I made reference to Pink Lady so I'll now focus on another J-pop group of the 70's, Candies or as they're known in Japanese, キャンディーズ!

ラン/Ran (伊藤蘭), スー/Sue (田中好子) & ミキ/Miki(藤村美) were their stage names and they entertained from '72-'78 where they released a whole whack of EPs and LPs.

Personally, I don't particularly like their music all that much, but it is a nice flashback to a simpler time of disco tunes, cheesy synch steps and a trio of foxes who would parade around in skimpy outfits.

I don't have the entire collection of their Premiums that came with a drink from 7-11 a few years back (unlike this uber-fan), but here is what I've got for you with a few YouTubes thrown in for good measure. (Forgive me if their outfits don't match up to the videos but they do match up to the tunes.)

To end with, this is a video of Pink Lady vs Candies in honour of the Olympics. Who do you feel comes away with the Gold?

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