I'm a BigBoy Now!

En route home from the beach party, a very hungover Alex, his wife & daughter, Rob & I went to a Milky Way restaurant. Owned & operated by American BigBoy Corporation, they own several franchises with the giant badboy, BigBoy proudly displaying his gut to all (you can decide whose gut is more rotund.) These franchises include Big Boy (199 stores), Milky Way (50 in Miyagi and 2 within a stones throw of my apartment!), Victoria Station (43), and Grill Dan (4).

I don't know if they do this in America, but Japan has adopted an entire family for BigBoy. Kinda creepy folks to hang around with, aren't they?


I caught a few hours of zzzs and then went to my Pirate friend's bar for Mariko's mom's birthday party. The Clippers were singing and I sang a tune or two with them (but so did several others...)

Special guest Blaise showed up in time for cake and to shake hands with the gang.

By utter chance, I ran into him the next day while he was posing for another promo. He had a concert the next night, so I told him to "Break a Larynx" (which he found amusing!)

On the way home, I popped into a UFO Catch joint where I caught...
(suspense looms. Wait for the next post!)

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