A Lot of Fun!

I have a lot of blogging to catch up since the holidays have bogged up any routine. So let's get right to it.

First up is a post about a museum I recently visited. The Tomizawa Site Museum is dedicated to a bog site. Back in the Paleolithic Age when dinosaurs didn't rule the earth but rather Stoners did (well, Stone Agers), they hunted deer, ate rabbits and made fires. Proof of that can be found here for they have preserved part of a coniferous forest including the remains of a fire and stone tools used for hunting.

The upper levels have a lot of edumactional stuff, hosted by their Animated Dr. Tomizawa. For example, I love how the soul of this recently slain rabbit is heaven-bound.

Another example is that I learned that the Japanese word for animal poo is
ふん (pronounced fun, ergo the title of this post.)

This little white square is next to the fossilized deer poo that they found. (Not as thrilling as coprolites, but you don't find a lot of dino-poo in Japan.)

Outside is a pleasant little stroll through various trees & shrubs and has a lovely little marsh complete with lots of dragonflies flitting about.

As far as I can tell, every thing in this museum is legit but occasionally one has to take some archaelogical discoveries in Japan with a grain of salt. There have been a few scandals in recent years as these links can attest.

In slightly related news, while typing this, I'm rewatching ナイト ミュージアム on DVD which came with a double disc, a buildable T-Rex and a board game. I'm looking forward to translating the game with my students so we can play it in class.

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