Across The Rainbow Bridge of Asgard.

In honour of Jack Kirby's birthday, I thought I'd treat you to a few covers & panels from the マイティ ソー (Maiti So- better known as The Mighty Thor.) I learned of his birthday via Bully's Blog who has chosen several Fantastic Four panels in tribute to the King.

I've gone a different route, thus we have a few pages in colour and several B&W covers and splash pages from the Kobunsha & Marvel Comics collaboration of issues 158-166 of THE MIGHTY THOR! (Click on any of the pics to make them Mighty-sized!)

BTW, what is Thor's Canadian connection, you might ask? Well, none other than his 1966 appearance on the Canadian produced The Marvel Superheroes cartoon and voiced by Brit turned Canajun, Chris Wiggins. Those of you too young to have watched this show in its initial incarnation can hear the nifty theme song or watch the YouTube below to understand the title of this post.

While I'm on a Canadian kick, here is TVO's Captain Rick Green's interview with Jolly Jack:

Man, I miss Prisoner's of Gravity!

Tomorrow: キャプテン アメリカ!

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Bully said...

Wow, these are great! In any language, Jack's powerful art comes through.


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