A Magnetic Movie!

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea has been in the country for almost a month (and you won't get to see it in North America for another year, HA!) It's a very cute story about a boy and his mermaid and I hope to see it tomorrow. The theme song is very engaging and infectious so beware, for it'll be stuck in your head for hours after you watch this.

To tide me over until I go see it, I went to 5 different Lawsons in my neighbourhood last night to complete the set of these fridge magnets. I got all but one which I managed to snag today while on an hour long bike trip. Of course now I have to drink 16 Mitsuya Ciders. I like the lemon ones, but I'm not so keen on the clear ones.

Here is an ad for the cider. Darn cute hand puppets too!

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