Tea Vee Time.

My latest tea collection from Family Mart is a set of 6 mini-televisions showcasing classic kid's shows from NHK's library. Admittedly, I haven't seen any of these shows, but they do look kind of cool in a Beany & Cecil/ Kukla, Fran & Ollie/ HR Pufnstuf/ Davey & Goliath vein.

There's a little writeup on each show, but unfortunately it's beyond my capacity to translate it for you.

The first one up is called
はたらくおじさん (hataraku oji-san), a cute puppet show about a guy in a balloon that ran between 1961 & 1981.

Next up we have ひょうたん島 about some dudes on an island. (Here is a pretty funky version of the theme song sung by Go!Go! 7188.)

Check out the コケッコソング (Kokekkon song) for your listening pleasure:

Here are a few minutes with Noppo-san & Gonta-kun from できるかな (dekiru kana)

#4 is いちにのさんすう or ichi-ni no sansuu. Looks kind of like a ghost-rat, but it appears that Tap-kun helps out Dr. Einstein with science and math.

The guy who has YouTubed these has disable the embedding but check out this link, Niko-Niko-pun for a snippet of にこにこ-ぷん.

The last one is called おーい!はに丸 (o-i! hanimaru) and looks like there's some kind of Trojan Horse thing going on.

If you go here, you can play a game with all these characters!

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