Compeau's Yourself.

One of my Web-friends (that sounds kind of weird), Kelly J. Compeau has finally got her Web-Graphic novel, The Black Tower, up and running. She tried to get it published but the Comix market is too cutthroat these days for an independent to get their works known (unlike the 90s, remember them?)

I'm trying to get her a sponsor, perhaps with one of these snacks?

These Naruto nachos were quite spicy but nothing extraordinary.

These Gegege goodies are bacon-flavoured corn chips, but not very yummy.

These cheesie-eyeballs of 目玉親父 (Medama-Oyaji) are worthy of sponsorship, but still not up to the task.

So the winner is this pairing of キャッチアップ=Ketchup (ムック=Mukku) & ほうれん草=Spinach (ガチャピン=Gachapin) which is quite the tasty combo.

The trick will be packaging a little Black Tower toy in each bag...

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Kelly J. Compeau said...

A Black Tower toy? Oh, man, can you imagine the lawsuits resulting from kids choking to death on those things!?

How about Black Tower trading cards instead? Plans for that are already in the works.



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