Back to the Beach.

Last weekend a herd of us took the ferry to a mini-island off Shiogama for a 24-hour music festival on the beach. We only lasted 20 hours and some didn't last that long and one of us barely survived, but we all had a good time. The best news is that my foot had healed to the point where I was tossing a football around on Sunday morning!

My camera was acting up (again) so I didn't get many pictures of the band members (These guys are called Ennakka I think.) Whose friends btw were VERY fickle...audience members ventured out from their tents to hear their buddies play and they seconded back into their little hidey-holes for the duration of the event. There were some very good bands and DJs and some utter shite (mostly on Sunday morning when all were hungover) but I do wish that there was more camaraderie amongst the onlookers. Even our campfire brought only 2 guests! I suppose the fear of mingling with gaijin was strong and I'm sure the firecrackers didn't help!

There were also moments of complete silence for an hour at a time, surely a DJ could have filled in! It definitely needs to be better planned next year and we may assist with that. I did get to give out a few Echophonyk flyers though!

One trio that I befriended but who had to take off and catch the next ferry were retolighter. They even gave me a free cd!

I dunno who this was but she took a photo of us and was brave enough to be photographed with us!

In addition to the music, a few artists showed up and expressed themselves on canvas.

Or on the beach itself!

Speaking of the beach, we had some uninvited guests. Numerous jellyfish attended our soiree and a few people got stung, but none seriously injured. The mosquitoes caused the most harm!

Before we got too loaded, we went for a hike around the graveyard at dusk. This is the time of year when ghosts haunt the country, though we never saw any. Here are some comment-free pictures.

And here we have some pictures of the scenic island itself.

Some flora,
Some fauna,
and a ferry shot.

Can't wait until next year!

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