Toes Woes.

I hobbled my way to see my doctor today and got the old "good news, bad news" spiel. The good news is that my foot is not infected, rather I somehow contracted tendonitis in my sleep. I don't know how this occurred but I'm relieved that I get to keep my toe. My mother had a clot in her leg which ultimately led to her stroke, so I'm also glad it wasn't that. So, phew! Further good news is that after having had a poultice on it all day, my foot actually feels much better.

Therefore, I spent the day wandering downtown Sendai gawking at the decorations and nibbling at the yummy goodies. I had a bitter & phlegmy ホヤ (hoya = sea pineapple), a skewer of クジラ (kujira = whale, I now it's immoral, but it's tasty) and a deep fried fish called an イワナ (iwana.

I saw thousands of banners that made limping through the crowded streets even more treacherous. All were hand made out of crepe paper, hung from bamboo poles and covered in origami cranes, crabs, etc. which sported the logos of stores or companies.

This cute character is むすび丸 (Musubi Maru), a rice ball shaped like a Samurai. Miyagi-prefecture is running a campaign featuring this dude as their spokesperson in order to attract people to Sendai from October to December.

I also had the opportunity to see a Stag movie. (Welcome Googlers looking for naughty movies.) These guys dressed up as deer pranced around while beating drums and revelled in frightening the children (and me!)

There was an oni ogling the onlookers and a penguin pestering the people. (You figure out which is which.)

Beauty & the Beast will be making its debut in Sendai soon, following on the heels of Cats & the Phantom.

Then I met up with a few friends and we went off to see the Hulk Smash. But that's a story for another day. I gotta get up early for a day at the beach!

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