It's Always Darkest Before the Knight.

The much anticipated Dark Knight review. "It was really good...go see it!"

Ok, I'll go into a little more detail. My musings on these cast members. (btw, click this link for "Special Japanese Content" about the movie.)

Bruce/Batman: boisterous, burly, brooding & badass. I thought that Bale had a better take on the playboy aspect of Bruce than before but I found his voice a bit too gravelly as the Bat. (Picking nits, aren't we?)

Heath's bequeath: Is he the best Joker ever? Certainly more psycho than Jack & less gleeful than Cesar but his laugh doesn't hold a candle to Mark's. Could he be the first comic book character to be Oscar nominated? Possibly, he was that good.

Maggie ギレンホール (it's much easier to spell in Japanese) did a better job than Katie Holmes (well, Duh) but was purely created as a Red Shirt (ST-TOS reference alert) for the purpose of being destroyed. Moved the plot along nicely when she was though!

Aaron Eckhart as Harvey. I've liked this guy ever since I first saw him as a mysogynist in "The Company of Men" and more recently as Nick(oteen) Naylor in Thank You For Smoking. I was pleasantly surprised to see him act as something other than sleazy but then he went all split-personality on us and gave us a demented Dent. And is that the best Two-Face makeup you've ever seen or what?

(For shame, Tommy Lee Jones.)

Gary Oldman IS Jim Gordon! Sure I loved Neil Hamilton & Pat Hingle, but the recently commissioned Commissioner is brilliant. Japan loves him as the bad guy in Leon and now they can embrace him as a good guy. (It was rather coy of them to keep his daughter completely in the background. Batgirl, anyone?)

Alfred portrayed by the ubiquitous Michael Caine. I find his accent a bit too lower-class for my taste, he should be more uppercrust, but Caine doesn't do sophisticated well. Should he have burned the letter? Hmmm. Ponderable. And his best ever role?

Morgan Freeman has now taken up Sir Michael's role as the "play yourself in any movie for a quick buck" and does an admirable job as Lucius Fox. As seen here, he was Count Dracula, long before Gary Oldman:

ps. Isn't the Batpod pretty awesome? Click on the pic to enlarge. (Can anyone help me out on what 1-5 are in English? Ummm, 1 is a Grappling Hook; 2 is a 40mm Blast somethingorother; 3 is 50 Calibre Machine Guns, 4 may be Race Car tires and 5 has something to do with the Handlebars.)

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ppps. Could Coleman Reese be the new Riddler? Mr. Reese=Mysteries. Certainly a far better alias than E.Nigma. I'd like to see slightly unknown actors as the new villains and if Nolan retains creative control, it should stay that way. No matter what the Internets say, I don't wanna see a Jolie-Catwoman!


Eric said...

Actually, if he is nominated, Heath Ledger would be the second actor nominated for playing a comics character (I think). Don't forget, Al Pacino was nominated for playing Pretty Boy Floyd in Dick Tracy. And the reason the Two-Face make-up looked so good? It was CGI!

Michael Jones said...

Good point about Al Pacino, I'd forgotten about Pretty Boy Floyd. I strongly suspected the makeup was CGI, it was just too awesome to be real. (Now PBF...that was a good makeup job!)

movie junkie said...

i still wish Katie Holmes had stayed on board as Rachel Dawes for the Dark Knight; it was like the time spent getting familiar with her character in Batman Begins was wasted...


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