Hulk Smashed!

On Friday, I finally got to see The Incredible Hulk. (Thank you Japan for making most of the comic movies released way after the North American release date. Do you know how hard it is to ignore reviews & news?) I really enjoyed it, though I also really enjoyed the first one too. I liked the casting, Hey Norton did an admirable job as Bruce without all the ANGst of the first one. I missed Jennifer Connelly (but I always miss her) and the new Betty was okay but seemed to be going through the emotion motions. I definitely loved Hurt as General Thunderbolt Ross. The Abomination (ばけもの bakemono in Japanese) was pretty creepy with a stellar Tim Roth performance. But my favourite of all the leads was Oh Brother Where Art Thou's Tim Blake Nelson as Dr. Samuel Sterns. As soon as his noggin began to pulse, I exclaimed "Leader!" (I got several funny looks from my fellow audience members throughout the movie.)

The cameos were nicely handled as well. I noticed Bill Bixby on the tube in his "Courtship of Eddie's Father" role which I just happened to have mentioned a year ago. I further observed Lou Ferigno as the Security Guard (again) but I didn't know that he did the Hulk's voice...nice touch. Here's an Episode Guide of the old show for my Japanese readership. Stan Lee drank some Hulk blood and I suspect that he'll show up as She-Hulk in the next movie. But I am most proud of recognizing Paul Soles as Stanley, the old restauranteur in the joint where Betty & Bruce first meet. As every Canadian boy growing up in the 60's knows, he was the voice of several characters on the old Marvel Cartoons including Peter Parker and Bruce Banner. (Click that link and leap to his site where you'll learn about "Wallopping Websnappers", his experience on the Spider-man show and a lot of history about the Arthur Rankin Jr. shows, Rocket Robin Hood and others.)

I haven't read a Hulk comic since he was Mr. Fixit so I didn't get many of the recent revelations in the movie. For example, I thought the Mr. Green/Mr. Blue bit was a reference to Reservoir Dogs. One gentleman, whose Progressive Ruin blog I often frequent, has much more to say on the matter. I somehow never heard Doc Samson mentioned by name, so I wondered what he had to do with Betty & the Gang. I know better now. I caught the Rick Wilson reference but missed the Jack McGee nod (from the comic & TV show.)

Once I saw the flick, I got in touch with one of my Hollywood Contacts who provided me with some of the story boards from the movie. Several of these were rejected, but I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing them.

Tiny head, but really big feet & package.

Hulk Need Laxative!

"Steeeella!" Hulk does Brando.

Again with the tiny head, big feet & huge package, note: the nipplelessness.

They were thinking of alternates for Eric Bana and before Ed Norton came along, Elton John auditioned.

Hulk gets A Piece of the Action (warning, obscure STTOS) reference.

This was the artist original sketch for the Abomination. I tend to like it better than the final result.

Could this be ZZZAX?

I'm not sure who this is supposed to be. Anyone know? Captain Vertigo?

I really don't know who this is but he is pretty creepy.

I don't know what Hulk is doing in Hell, but Pluto doesn't seem to mind.

And this must be the dumbest looking villain I've ever seen. Chunky turd man?

You may have seen some of my Hulk goodies before, but here are a more few items...

For those geekier than I, here is a trading card of his transformation with a few stats about him.

My giant Hulk fist is not used as a wank-aid, but it is pretty funky.

This carpet was given to me ages ago by fellow comic aficionadoa DJ Mokugohan. It's cool!

Here are a couple of bottle caps that I picked up a while back.

And this figure portrays Hulk imbibing brewskies.


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