Me Can If You Can.

What's new on the KitKat front, you may ask? First up, we have 豆乳 or tonyu which is your basic soy milk-chocolate flavour and should make my vegetarian friends happy but is only available in the Littles style so far.

Then we have a flavour based on a Beatle. リンゴ (Ringo) is a rather yummy Apple-flavoured wafer which was discovered by one of my operatives. Unfortunately, he didn't keep the original packaging, so I have no way of proving this cute pink mini-wafer is Apple, you'll just have to take my word for it.

What I am most excited about is not a Nestle product but a new flavour of Pocky, みかん or Mikan
which is a delectable Japanese Orange flavoured stick. Delish!

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