9,999 BC.

紀元前1万年 or 10,000 BC made a ton of money, so I'm sure there'll be a sequel. The above is my suggestion. If it is never made, I won't be too upset for this movie was not quite up to snuff. It might've been improved without the horrid narration (the only reason Omar Sharif does any cinema work is to pay for his Bridge obsession...so for that I will cut him some slack.) I can also forgive the innumerable historical inaccuracies cuz I just loves me a good Dino flick. But it really needed more of them!

I enjoyed the Terror Birds a lot. I watched this movie just now with headphones on and their squawking was very well done. I also liked Zabu the SmilingDon (not quite a Sabretooth, not quite a Smilodon, more like a grinning tiger.) The Mammoths were hairy enough, but if you're in the desert, why do you need to be wooly? The ones in Quest for Fire were much better done. Give me 1,000,000 BC or Years BC any day! Though I would like to see Camilla Belle in a fur bikini...

All in all, not an overly terrible movie but I am sure glad that I didn't pay to see it!

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