I'd rate Akiu about a 7/10. I went to 秋保 today to see the waterfall & other sites and to indulge in an onsen. I was joined by Saki & one of her College buddies cuz all my friends putzed out on me. I'm fairly pooped now to blog about it now, but I have created a Flickr account of 27 pics.

I will show this picture of something I won at UFO catcher though. These KitKats were captured en route home. I almost got it for
100¥ but it took me two tries.

Each of these Tiramisu or Maccha Tiramisu go for 42¥ a piece and the Cheesecakes are similarly priced. That makes a dozen treats of a 504¥ value for only
200¥! Woohoo!

Just so you don't think the only thing I ever eat is KitKats, this non-descript blob consists of several 梅干. I am still waiting for the Umeboshi-flavoured KitKat! C'mon Nestle, surely you must be reading this!

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