Good Knight.

I had the opportunity to watch the Canucks lose their first game of the playoffs to the Blackhawks this morning via Alex's computer. A good game and Vancouver needed a bit of a humbling to make them realize that they aren't invulnerable.

After the game we listened to a couple of his 45s including De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da sung by Sting in Japanese!
Listen to this and sing along:

kotoba dato uso ni naru.
kuti ni nosetara sugu ni kotoba ha ore wo shibaru.
hadaka no ore dake wo uketomete hoshii kara
dedodododedadada ore no kotoba sa
dedodododedadada shinjite okure
dedodododedadada ai no kotoba sa
dedodododedadada wakatte okureyo
toki niwa dare demo kotoba ni tayoru kedo
munashii mono dayo kokoro ga mienai.
tenareta kotoba yori shinjitu ga hoshii kara

We also watched Wolverine & Hulk tussle in a Marvel Animated Straight to DVD adventure. Pretty good, though I dozed off at one point and had to rewatch it.

Afterwards we walked to Dainohara Park for the tail end of a Flea Market. Fortunately for my pocketbook, it was just winding down. I did manage to pick up a few items though, including...

a James & the Giant Peach duo of the monocled Grasshopper & the Centipede with cigar for a mere 100¥! I'd never heard of JUN Planning but they appear to market figures & stuff. Good to see someone other than Bandai get in on the action.

Microman vs Gamera
! I'd seen Microman vs Godzilla but it was always out of my price range. 400¥ for Gamera is a steal!

I also got a funky shirt for only 500¥. I would have bought more, but he was just packing up and I was worried that since there were only M-size, they'd be too small for my girth. This one fits fine!

Last but not least are 2 videos by 手塚 治虫 or Osamu Tezuka,
リボンの騎士 (Ribbon no Kishi = Princess Knight) or Princess Knight & Jungle Emperor Leo, but Alex scammed that one. Only 300¥ for the two, I only wish she had more!

We hung around the dishevelled amphitheatre for awhile drinking brewskis and once I got home I immediately had a long nap!

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