So Su Me.

While wandering through Otaku-heaven (in this case, Nakano Broadway) my tourees & I came across a Maid Bar named TeaRoom Alice. Nice decor, cute gals in Maid outfits and overpriced soda. Everything you could ask for.

Well, I asked for a photo and they obliged. Our waitress/maid named "Mint" let us go through their catalogue and steal any photo we liked. The Bar-MaMa insisted that it must be for private use as tourists only, so of course I will refuse to show it on this site.

Oh, who am I kidding? Here it is! So Sue Me!

It is so nice to be in a picture with someone geekier than me! (Specifically, pal Iris's sister, her son & sister-in-law.)

The reason for this post's title has nothing to do with litigation, rather 2 new KitKat flavours came out today. First up...レモンビネガー = Lemon Vinegar.

and next up, アップルビネガー = Apple Vinegar. Neither are them are at all vinegarish though they are tad tangy and reminiscent of their respective fruits. If you're wondering why it's "Su", well Vinegar in Japanese is 酢 and it's pronounced Su.

I'm still waiting for my Umeboshi KitKat, so I have to present a rerun of Strawberry KitKat Minis in slightly different packaging.

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