It Takes Three To Matango!

FK's trio (Slim Peggy) was pretty good, but he definitely needs some polishing. He was incredibly nervous so his singing was almost nonexistent, but his guitar playing was great. The bassist & drummers were competent but nothing to write home about.

The other bands looked intriguing but not enough to stick around for. So Alex, pal Hitomi & I went for a drink at my favourite Jazz bar, Jazz Spot Count, which had this awesome poster outside.

Then we went for Chinese food and called it a night. Disappointingly, Star Trek was not on when I got home and had to watch Vantage Point. An okay movie, just glad it was on Cable and I didn't pay to see it.

Before dining though, I did get a chance to pop into my Capsule store which had a couple of figures of マタンゴ or Matango, Fungus of Terror! I saw this when I was 7 or 8 and it gave me nightmares for weeks. It's one of the reasons I became A Godzilla fan.

A couple of Funguys! Why do they bother with the transparent versions? I guess it's so you can paint it yourself, but who has the patience?

Here is Matango in Japanese:

And in badly dubbed English:

Though the latter is more comprehensible, the former is certainly spookier!

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