A Jemm Of Wisdom.

It was a nice sunny day today, so of course I spent it in a stuffy room with a bunch of stuffy bridge players, came third/eleven! En route home, I encountered a little professorial type with two giant telescopes offering a free view of the heavens. I've met such amateur astronomers before when I got to see Venus, but this guy offered up something truly amazing. He had a shot of Saturn and everything was aligned up so perfectly that you could see the rings perfectly. It was magnificent and if I hadn't seen it with my own peepers, I would swear it was fake. He also had the half moon lined up, certainly not as dramatic, but cool nonetheless. Alas, my phone doesn't take the best celestial photos.

He gave myself and another eager witness a couple of his own photos and here they are!

While my mind is on the stars, here is May's Sky Map as scammed (scanned) from Skymaps which you can always download yourself for free!

In case you're wondering about this post's title, it refers to the awesome Jemm, Son of Saturn!

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