When Is Evil Cool?

I'll tell ya when! Evil is cool when one of my cyber-stalkers (erm, Followers) sends me free swag. Upon landing on my site, you'll find in the upper right side of the page these 2 little photos. These are two complete strangers to me who for some inexplicable reason opt to read my little ramblings on a regular basis. One of them is wee lass from Ottawa named Stella who creates her own original pieces of art which you can always put a bid on. Stella commented on one of my blurbs a while ago and is a big fan of Monkey Majik. I promised her an autograph by Blaise and if I ever bump into him, I hope to make good on that vow. My one complaint is that she hasn't updated her rantings in a hen's age.

The other Follower (when is evil cool has a great Alien tribute month happening & his Random Picture site is always worth looking into for, well, Random Pictures) is some dude who works for a record distributor, reads comics and was interested in my Snoopy post ages ago. He mentioned he like Snoopy on a Pig & Snoopy on a Peanut and I said I'd send them to him. Next thing ya know I'm the proud owner of 4 kids-friendly comics and 2 cds!

I think I'm one of the first people in Japan to own Diana Krall's Quiet Nights!

Furthermore, I'm one of the few in Japan to own anything by Madeleine Peyroux, though now everyone can click & buy their own copies!

So the next time someone says I'm wasting my time here at the keyboard, I can proudly say "HA!" and wave my booty in their faces! (Now I just have to get my act together and put together my loot bag for him. Once I do, I will show you all his bounty of booty once he receives it.)

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wiec? said...

sorry man. ever since i got back from this trip to Hawaii it seem i'm always at work. sad thing is i'm waaaaaaaaay behind in my blog reading. and then there's these constant Alien posts i have to keep doing. almost done though.

glad you enjoyed the swag! more will be on the way soon.


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