I'm In A Chitty Mood!

I'm getting ready to head to Tokyo tomorrow and I've been procrastinating the cleansing of my apartment all day. Periodic bouts of tidying interspersed with longer periods of lazing around. If I ever get anything done, I may post something more profound, but for now...Here are several versions of (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

First up are several TV celebs singing an excellent version in very good English!

This woman hasn't quite mastered the English language so well, but she has a lovely voice.

These fans have a lot of enthusiasm, but not much else going for them!

Now it's 90's J-Poppers ゴーバンズ (Go Bang's) singing an odd version called チキチキバンバン:

Finally, Speed Racer gets in the act!

Thanks to Mark Evanier for pointing the top one out.

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