Shooting Up.

I had a busy weekend, what with a Bridge Tournament (placed poorly, but I finally learned my partners name, after only 3 months of playing together.) Between the marathon of bidding, I managed to squeeze in a work-related party on Saturday night at which I played moderator to a Trivia Quiz. I wrote the quiz the other day and it went over surprisingly well.

Click on the pick to blow it up to a legible size and try and you can try your hand at the answers in the Comments section!

Tony's team came first with an astounding 31/35.

The other two teams barely broke 20!

I'm pretty beat tonight, so I didn't finish eating them, but I made Bamboo Shoots today! One of my NHK students gave me two home-grown shoots and I boiled them in this disgusting paste for 10 minutes and they actually taste fairly good. Maybe I'm part panda! These pics represent the before, during and after...

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