It's My Potty.

I'm not sure if Robin created those poo monsters or is being attacked by them, but the look on his face is priceless!

I'm listening to the pre-overtime Blackhawks/Red Wings game before I have to leave for work, I MUST leave in the next 5 minutes, so I hope it's decided quickly.
UPDATE: It was decided quickly, the damned Red Wings won! GO PENGUINS!

In the interim, because I know you are interested, here are some toilet-related links for you. First up is an uber-convenient cushion for splashy pee-ers and those who have to clean up after them. Mind your Pees & Queues!

One of my roving reporters provided this link for me. Perhaps if South Korea's Pres had more poo-related dreams, he wouldn't have taken his swan dive. Apparently dreaming of poo is considered Good Luck in Korea. Click that link for even more poo-related tidbits, including a walking tour entering through a tigers mouth and exiting through its butt!

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