Star Trekking!

As you may have guessed from that little intro, this weekend was a Star Trek Marathon, showing 4 of the best episodes of the 5 series. Star Trek I can't quibble with their choices of episodes, some are truly magnificent, some less so.

Here's what we had on our plate:

Turnabout Intruder The final episode screened features Kirk as a chick at his funniest & most dramatic at the same time.)
Amok Time (Spock in heat! One of my all-time favourites.)
Trouble with Tribbles No big surprise here. A fan fave & it meets the weekend's criteria which appears to be crossovers, time travel & flashbacks. What I couldn't figure out is the order in which they were shown. Was it some kind of time distortion that caused them to show the eps in such random order?

#4 unknown - I had to meet Alex at Enn. I wish I'd stayed home and watched TV instead. Furthermore, I missed all 4 TNG episodes. I'm guessing we had the First & Last episodes, plus the ones with Scotty, Relics & maybe one of the Spock episodes, Unification I or II.

Take Me Out To The Holosuite A great Baseball episode in which one cannot help but cheer for Nog!
The Visitor(?) I'm not sure about this one, cuz I cooked dinner during it.
What You Leave Behind The final finale of a 9-episode story arc. Tied up a lot of loose ends but a little preachy for my taste.
Trials & Tribble-ations My second favourite DS9 (after the one where Dax joins the Klingons on a Blood Oath) with some nice Gumpish interaction between generations.

Caretaker Part 1 only of the premiere episode.
Endgame Then part 1 of the finale.
Flashback Like one of those sitcoms when they remember the good old days.
Endgame After the above flashback episode, they completed the finale.
(SPOILER:) Guess what, they got home!

E² Like this whole marathon, they start with a flashback and then go to the first ep!
Broken Bow Part I of the premiere with a dying Klingon and some eerie Suliban.
Carbon Creek A nice little episode with T'Pau's great-great grannie on Earth during the Sputnik era.
These Are The Voyages It's finale crosses over with TNG by featuring a goateed Riker & a marionette-faced Troi.

I can only hope that I enjoy the new movie next week more than this guy does!

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