Not So Mickey Mouse.

Oh, those wacky guys over at DeAgostini have done it again. This time they plan to milk Disney-fans of their hard-earned moolah. They've come out with a Dream File that for only 280¥ you get a binder and several categories. Of course the next entry comes at a price of 580¥ but that's where the milking begins...

In the interim, here are the Category-separation sheets for your perusal.

Here is the History of Disney in a handy-dandy time-line.

I didn't bother scanning the whole mouse'n'kaboodle, but I will provide you with the Character Profile of MM. See that little cross section of Mickey's brain, it has leaked into his ears! For another depiction of Mickey, here is an artist's rendition that I posted about years ago.

I'm not going to bother with the Profiles & Props of Stitch, Pooh, Cinderella & Pinocchio, I'll save those for another day. Here is a sneak preview of next issue. It profiles Minnie, so I'm sure I'll give it a by. I may pick up later issues if they feature Alice, Dumbo or Nightmare though...

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